Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Windows

Vertical Sliding Windows

Thanks to the advanced engineering of our sliding sash windows, traditional cottage looks can now be combined with exceptional energy efficiency and draught-proofing. You can rely on our windows to keep your home warm and comfortable in all weathers, as well as keeping your energy bills down. The PVC-U window frame has a three-chambered cross section, helping to keep warm air in and cold air out – for superior thermal insulation. The window also features triple brush seals around the openings for exceptional draught-proofing.

Our sliding sash windows have been designed to keep your home fresh and well ventilated. Both top and bottom sashes can be partially opened, allowing fresh air to enter through the lower opening while warm, stale air escapes through the top. enabling air to constantly circulate, keeping your rooms cool and fresh on hot summer days. In addition, an overhead vent can be incorporated to allow a trickle of fresh air to flow into your home in all weathers, without compromising security.

Keeping your property secure against burglars is a primary concern for all homeowners. That’s why our vertical sliding sash windows feature a host of robust and effective security features designed to keep intruders out. Crucially, the window has a tough aluminium anti-jemmy bar to prevent the sash from being levered open by force. The robust steel reinforced PVC-U frame combined with a choice of high-security locks and hardware also help to keep burglars at bay.

As well as high security, PVC-U sliding sash windows offer excellent fire safety. They offer an ideal “means of escape” as set out in the Building Regulations Part B (fire safety), creating a large enough opening to escape through in the event of a fire in addition, both top and bottom sashes Tilt open, allowing easy cleaning from the inside your property.

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows