Energy Saving Windows are proud to supply the highest quality carport canopy systems available in North Lincolnshire. Our carport canopies are made with an aluminium frame and a 16mm polycarbonate sheet roof. This allows us to deliver a strong, reliable product while keeping our prices very competitive.

A carport is a simple structure that is designed to provide shelter over a parking area. This can serve multiple purposes. A carport will shelter the driver from the rain or snow as they get in or out of the car, as well as protecting the car from bird droppings. In hotter weather it will also provide shade and keep the vehicle from getting too hot in the sun.


Our carport frames are made from corrosion resistant aluminium and come in either a standard finish, allowing you to paint them in a colour of your choosing or a white enamel finish that is ready to install as is. The polycarbonate sheet roof provides strength and stability, while also being light and very easy to cut down to the size you need

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